1. The “Ethical” Professor and the Undergraduate Student: Current Perceptions of Moral Behavior Among Business School Faculty. [REVIEW]Chet Robie & Roland E. Kidwell - 2003 - Journal of Academic Ethics 1 (2):153-173.
    A survey of 830 faculty members at 89 AASCB-accredited business schools throughout the United States was conducted in Fall 2002 to develop a snapshot of perceptions of ethical and unethical conduct with regard to undergraduate business instruction across a wide range of business disciplines. These behaviors fell into such categories as course content, evaluation of students, educational environment, disrespectful behavior, research and publication issues, financial and material transactions, social relationships with students, and sexual relationships with students and other faculty. Of (...)
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    The Ethics of Professorial Book Selling: Morality, Money and "Black Market" Books. [REVIEW]Chet Robie, Roland E. Kidwell Jr & James A. Kling - 2003 - Journal of Business Ethics 47 (2):61 - 76.
    This study used experimental and correlational techniques to examine perceptions that university faculty hold regarding the practice of professorial selling of examination textbooks to wholesalers. Faculty members (n = 236) from 14 universities and community colleges and a wide variety of academic disciplines responded to a web-based survey. We presented hypothetical selling situations to respondents with manipulated variables consisting of solicitation status (unsolicited versus solicited) and use of money (for faculty or for student activities). Both main effects and the interaction (...)
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  3. Resumes Vs. Application Forms: Why the Stubborn Reliance on Resumes?Stephen D. Risavy, Chet Robie, Peter A. Fisher & Sabah Rasheed - 2022 - Frontiers in Psychology 13.
    The focus of this Perspective article is on the comparison of two of the most popular initial applicant screening methods: Resumes and application forms. The viewpoint offered is that application forms are superior to resumes during the initial applicant screening stage of selection. This viewpoint is supported in part based on criterion-related validity evidence that favors application forms over resumes. For example, the biographical data inventory, which can contain similar questions to those used in application forms, is one of the (...)
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    Perceptions of Ethical Behaviour Among Business Faculty in Canada.Chet Robie & Lisa M. Keeping - 2004 - Journal of Academic Ethics 2 (3):221-247.
    Faculty members at Canadian business schools were surveyed regarding their ethical perceptions of behaviours related to undergraduate instruction. Fifty-five behavioural statements were listed and respondents were asked to rate the extent to which they felt each behaviour was ethical or unethical. The only item that respondents endorsed as unequivocally unethical (90% indicated it was definitely unethical) was Becoming sexually involved with an undergraduate in one of your classes. We also compared the results of our sample to those of an American (...)
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