1.  47
    On Confucianism as a Civil Religion and Its Significance for Contemporary China.Chen Ming - 2012 - Contemporary Chinese Thought 44 (2):76-83.
  2.  84
    Modernity and Confucian Political Philosophy in a Globalizing World.Chen Ming - 2009 - Diogenes 56 (1):94-108.
    The scholarship of Confucianism in China is in the process of restoration. Its historical missions are two-fold. It should preserve Chinese national characters and promote China’s modernization. These objectives are partly in conflict with each other. To realize the former objective, it is necessary to stress a historical continuity and consistency, to re-examine and justify the preservation of classical Confucian ideas and values in order to provide spiritual support for Chinese cultural identity and social cohesion. As to the latter objective, (...)
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    Mainland New Confucianism’s Problematique, Discourse Paradigm, and Intellectual Pedigree Have Already Taken Shape.Chen Ming - 2018 - Contemporary Chinese Thought 49 (2):119-128.
    Editor'sThis essay presents Mainland New Confucianism as diverse but distinctive, as still in a process of maturation but already with a clear direction. According to Chen, MNC is a rejection of the twin modernist narratives of the left and the right in favor of a narrative that downplays the ruptures associated with the May Fourth Movement and instead seeks to reconnect to China's past values and traditions.
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  4.  17
    La philosophie politique confucéenne face à la globalisation.Chen Ming - 2008 - Diogène 1 (1):128-145.
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