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    Gendering CSR in the Arab Middle East: An Institutional Perspective.Charlotte M. Karam & Dima Jamali - 2013 - Business Ethics Quarterly 23 (1):31-68.
    ABSTRACT:This paper explores how corporations, through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, can help to effect positive developmental change. We use research on institutional change, deinstitutionalization, and institutional work to develop our central theoretical framework. This framework allows us to suggest more explicitly how CSR can potentially be mobilized as a purposive form of institutional work aimed at disrupting existing institutions in favor of positive change. We take the gender institution in the Arab Middle East as a case in point. (...)
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    A Cross-Cultural and Feminist Perspective on CSR in Developing Countries: Uncovering Latent Power Dynamics.Charlotte M. Karam & Dima Jamali - 2017 - Journal of Business Ethics 142 (3):461-477.
    In the current paper, our aim is to explore the latent power dynamics surrounding corporate social responsibility in developing countries. To do this, we synthesize an analytic framework that borrows from both cross-cultural management literature as well as feminist considerations of power. We then use the framework to examine three streams of CSR literature. Our analysis uncovers the prevalence of arguments and discussions about indigenous and power-over themes rather than more generative, endogenous, and power-to themes. The paper concludes with the (...)
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    Gender and governance in developing economies.Charlotte M. Karam, Beverly Dawn Metcalfe & Fida Afiouni - 2018 - Business Ethics 27 (4):287-293.
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    Intimate Partner Violence and Business: Exploring the Boundaries of Ethical Enquiry.Charlotte M. Karam, Michelle Greenwood, Laura Kauzlarich, Anne O’Leary Kelly & Tracy Wilcox - 2023 - Journal of Business Ethics 187 (4):645-655.
    In this article, we conceptualize the under investigated and under theorized relationship between intimate partner violence (IPV) and business responsibility. As an urgent social issue, IPV—understood as abuse of power within the context of an intimate partner relationship, mainly perpetrated by men and involving a pattern of behavior—has been studied for decades in many disciplines. A less common yet vital research perspective is to examine IPV as it relates to the business and to ask how organizations should engage with IPV. (...)
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