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  1. Selective Nontarget Inhibition in Multiple Object Tracking (MOT).Zenon W. Pylyshyn, Charles E. King & James E. Reilly - unknown
    We previously reported that in the Multiple Object Tracking (MOT) task, which requires tracking several identical targets moving unpredictably among identical nontargets, the nontargets appear to be inhibited, as measured by a probe-dot detection method. The inhibition appears to be local to nontargets and does not extend to the space between objects – dropping off very rapidly away from targets and nontargets. In the present three experiments we show that (1) nontargets that are identical to targets but remain in a (...)
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    The Warlord as Arbitrageur.Ariel I. Ahram & Charles King - 2012 - Theory and Society 41 (2):169-186.
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    Cultural Literacy of Medical Students.Richard P. Vance, Robert W. Prichard, Charles King & Gwendie Camp - 1991 - Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 35 (2):281-291.
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    The Organization of Roman Religious Beliefs.Charles King - 2003 - Classical Antiquity 22 (2):275-312.
    This study will focus on the differences in the way that Roman Paganism and Christianity organize systems of beliefs. It rejects the theory that “beliefs” have no place in the Roman religion, but stresses the differences between Christian orthodoxy, in which mandatory dogmas define group identity, and the essentially polythetic nature of Roman religious organization, in which incompatible beliefs could exist simultaneously in the community without conflict. In explaining how such beliefs could coexist in Rome, the study emphasizes three main (...)
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    VERSIONS OF ESCHATOLOGY - (H.) Marlow, (K.) Pollmann, (H.) Van Noorden (Edd.) Eschatology in Antiquity. Forms and Functions. Pp. Xxiv + 629, B/W & Colour Ills. London and New York: Routledge, 2021. Cased, £190, US$250. ISBN: 978-1-138-20831-5. [REVIEW]Charles W. King - 2022 - The Classical Review 72 (2):694-697.
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