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    Δ20-Categoricity in Boolean Algebras and Linear Orderings.Charles F. D. McCoy - 2003 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 119 (1-3):85-120.
    We characterize Δ20-categoricity in Boolean algebras and linear orderings under some extra effectiveness conditions. We begin with a study of the relativized notion in these structures.
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    Finite Computable Dimension Does Not Relativize.Charles F. D. McCoy - 2002 - Archive for Mathematical Logic 41 (4):309-320.
    In many classes of structures, each computable structure has computable dimension 1 or $\omega$. Nevertheless, Goncharov showed that for each $n < \omega$, there exists a computable structure with computable dimension $n$. In this paper we show that, under one natural definition of relativized computable dimension, no computable structure has finite relativized computable dimension greater than 1.
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  3. On the isomorphism problem for some classes of computable algebraic structures.Valentina S. Harizanov, Steffen Lempp, Charles F. D. McCoy, Andrei S. Morozov & Reed Solomon - 2022 - Archive for Mathematical Logic 61 (5):813-825.
    We establish that the isomorphism problem for the classes of computable nilpotent rings, distributive lattices, nilpotent groups, and nilpotent semigroups is \-complete, which is as complicated as possible. The method we use is based on uniform effective interpretations of computable binary relations into computable structures from the corresponding algebraic classes.
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