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    Kant and the Law of Peace: A Study in the Philosophy of International Law and International Relations.Charles Covell - 1998 - St. Martin's Press.
    Charles Covell examines the jurisprudential aspects of Kant's international thought, with particular reference to the argument of the treatise Perpetual Peace (1795). The book begins with a general outline of Kant's moral and political philosophy. In the discussion of Perpetual Peace that follows, it is explained how Kant saw law as providing the basis for peace among men and states in the international sphere, and how, in his exposition of the elements of the law of peace, Kant broke with the (...)
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    The redefinition of conservatism: politics and doctrine.Charles Covell - 1985 - Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire: Macmillan.
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    The defence of natural law: a study of the ideas of law and justice in the writings of Lon L. Fuller, Michael Oakeshot, F.A. Hayek, Ronald Dworkin, and John Finnis.Charles Covell - 1992 - New York, N.Y.: St. Martin's Press.
    The Defence of Natural Law comprises a study of the philosophies of law expounded by Lon L. Fuller, Michael Oakeshott, F.A. Hayek, Ronald Dworkin and John Finnis. The work of these theorists is situated in relation to the modern tradition in legal philosophy. In this way, it is demonstrated that the theorists adhered closely to the natural law standpoint in legal philosophy, while also defending the particular view of the proper functions of law and the state that distinguished the tradition (...)
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    Kant's Critique of Hobbes: Sovereignty and Cosmopolitanism, by Howard Williams. Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 2003, pp. 244, ISBN: 0-7083-1814-2. [REVIEW]Charles Covell - 2006 - Kantian Review 11:130-133.