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    The Effect of Local Stakeholder Pressures on Responsive and Strategic CSR Activities.Bui Petersen, Chansoo Park & Yang Pok Rhee - 2021 - Business and Society 60 (3):582-613.
    This study identifies the relationship between local stakeholder pressures and Korean foreign subsidiaries’ corporate social responsibility. Analyzing the survey data of 177 Korean foreign subsidiaries yielded two important findings. First, local primary stakeholders have a positive impact on responsive CSR activities, but have no influence on strategic CSR activities. Second, local secondary stakeholders in host countries have a strong influence on both responsive and strategic CSR activities. Secondary stakeholders have more influence on strategic than on responsive CSR activities. This article (...)
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    Plantinga and Leibniz’s the best world.Chansoo Park - 2008 - Proceedings of the Xxii World Congress of Philosophy 45:527-533.
    An atheist argument usually goes like this. If God exists and is omnipotent as believed, He could have created any possible world as he pleased. The existence of moral evil, though, makes problematic the existence of God, or His omnipotence at least. Plantinga's answer to an atheist is: it is not that God, as omnipotent, could have created any possible world as he pleased, but rather it is that God, even though omnipotent, could not have created the world as he (...)
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