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    Social influence in committee deliberation.Chaim Fershtman & Uzi Segal - 2023 - Theory and Decision 96 (2):185-207.
    Committee protocols typically involve a deliberation stage in which members try to influence and convince other regarding the “right” decision. Beyond information exchange, such deliberations also aim to affect the preferences and the votes of other members. Using a model of social influence, we demonstrate how deliberation procedures affect the voting outcome and how different protocols of consultation by committees’ chairs may affect their decisions. We then analyze the ability of a “designer” to control the deliberation protocol and to manipulate (...)
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  2. A Simple Model of Equilibrium in Search Procedures.Chaim Fershtman - unknown
    The paper presents a simple game-theoretic model in which players decide on search procedures for a prize located in one of a set of labeled boxes. The prize is awarded to the player who finds it first. A player can decide on the number of (costly) search units he employs and on the order in which he conducts the search. It is shown that in equilibrium, the players employ an equal number of search units and conduct a completely random search. (...)
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    Simultaneous moves multi-person continuous time concession game.Chaim Fershtman - 1989 - Theory and Decision 26 (1):81-90.
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