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Catharine Diehl
University of Toronto, St. George Campus
  1. A Language for Ontological Nihilism.Catharine Diehl - 2018 - Ergo: An Open Access Journal of Philosophy 5:971-996.
    According to ontological nihilism there are, fundamentally, no individuals. Both natural languages and standard predicate logic, however, appear to be committed to a picture of the world as containing individual objects. This leads to what I call the \emph{expressibility challenge} for ontological nihilism: what language can the ontological nihilist use to express her account of how matters fundamentally stand? One promising suggestion is for the nihilist to use a form of \emph{predicate functorese}, a language developed by Quine. This proposal faces (...)
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    95 Theses on Philology.Werner Hamacher & Catharine Diehl - 2009 - Diacritics 39 (1):25-44.
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    Versteckte Zahlen.Catharine Diehl - 2016 - Zeitschrift für Philosophische Forschung 70 (3):412-418.
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    The Empty Space in Structure: Theories of the Zero From Gauthiot to Deleuze.Catharine Diehl - 2008 - Diacritics 38 (3):93-119.
    Through an historical investigation of the concept of the zero from Gauthiot to Deleuze, this paper examines a peculiar object, the signifying nothing. Saussure founds his science of linguistics on the claim that the opposition between something and nothing provides the minimal condition for the existence of language. What is this nothing and how can it be recognized? What can account for the zero—as structuralist linguists call a marked nothing—in language? The essay first considers linguists’ responses to these problems, before (...)
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