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    Predictive brain signals best predict upcoming and not previous choices.Chun S. Soon, Carsten Allefeld, Carsten Bogler, Jakob Heinzle & John-Dylan Haynes - 2014 - Frontiers in Psychology 5.
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    Flicker-light induced visual phenomena: Frequency dependence and specificity of whole percepts and percept features.Carsten Allefeld, Peter Pütz, Kristina Kastner & Jiří Wackermann - 2011 - Consciousness and Cognition 20 (4):1344-1362.
    Flickering light induces visual hallucinations in human observers. Despite a long history of the phenomenon, little is known about the dependence of flicker-induced subjective impressions on the flicker frequency. We investigate this question using Ganzfeld stimulation and an experimental paradigm combining a continuous frequency scan with a focus on re-occurring, whole percepts. On the single-subject level, we find a high degree of frequency stability of percepts. To generalize across subjects, we apply two rating systems, a set of complex percept classes (...)
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  3. What can we learn from Merleau-ponty's ontology for a science of consciousness?Carsten Allefeld - 2008 - Mind and Matter 6 (2):235-255.
    Representative for contemporary attempts to establish a science of consciousness we examine Chalmers' statement and resolution of the 'hard problem of consciousness'. Agreeing with him that in order to account for subjectivity it is necessary to expand the ontology of the natural sciences, we argue that it is not sufficient to just add conscious experience to the list of fundamental features of the world. Instead, we turn to phenomenology as the philosophy of conscious experience and give an outline of Merleau-Ponty's (...)
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