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    Populism and Technocracy: Opposites or Complements?Christopher Bickerton & Carlo Invernizzi Accetti - 2017 - Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 20 (2):186-206.
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    Populism and Technocracy: Opposites or Complements?Christopher Bickerton & Carlo Invernizzi Accetti - 2015 - Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy:1-21.
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    Debating Representative Democracy.Carlo Invernizzi Accetti, Alessandro Mulieri, Hubertus Buchstein, Dario Castiglione, Lisa Disch, Jason Frank, Yves Sintomer & Nadia Urbinati - 2016 - Contemporary Political Theory 15 (2):205-242.
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    Relativism and Religion: Why Democratic Societies Do Not Need Moral Absolutes.Carlo Invernizzi Accetti - 2015 - Cambridge University Press.
    Moral relativism is deeply troubling for those who believe that, without a set of moral absolutes, democratic societies will devolve into tyranny or totalitarianism. Engaging directly with this claim, Carlo Invernizzi Accetti traces the roots of contemporary anti-relativist fears to the antimodern rhetoric of the Catholic Church, and then rescues a form of philosophical relativism for modern, pluralist societies, arguing that this standpoint provides the firmest foundation for an allegiance to democracy. In its dual analysis of the relationship between religion (...)
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    Repoliticizing Environmentalism: Beyond Technocracy and Populism.Carlo Invernizzi Accetti - 2021 - Critical Review: A Journal of Politics and Society 33 (1):47-73.
    ABSTRACT The mainstreaming of environmental concerns paradoxically obscures their political dimension: as the goals of environmentalism become accepted, they are reduced to administrative problems to be solved in a purely technocratic way. This technocratic environmentalism has fueled a populist backlash that challenges the scientific basis of environmentalism. As a result, contemporary environmentalism appears to be stuck in a depoliticizing opposition between technocracy and populism. A possible way out of this depoliticizing trap consists in recognizing the intrinsic contestability of the core (...)
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    The Disclosure of Politics. Struggles Over the Semantics of Secularization. By Maria Pia Lara. [REVIEW]Carlo Invernizzi Accetti - 2014 - Constellations 21 (4):620-621.
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    Can Democracy Emancipate Itself From Political Theology? Habermas and Lefort on the Permanence of the Theologico‐Political.Carlo Invernizzi Accetti - 2010 - Constellations 17 (2):254-270.