C. Portelli [3]Constantin Portelli [1]
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    The Genetic Code and the Origin of Life.C. Portelli - 1975 - Acta Biotheoretica 24 (3-4):176-177.
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    The Origin of Life. A Cybernetic and Informational processDer Ursprung des Lebens, Ein Kybernetischer Prozess.C. Portelli - 1979 - Acta Biotheoretica 28 (1):19-47.
    According to the model presented in this paper, the beginning of life was marked by the coupling of two complementary nucleotide bases: adenine and thymine. The adenine-thymine system received photons from the sun and stored their energy in the form of a chemical high-energy bond between two phosphoric acid molecules, which were before-hand fixed by adenine from the aqueous environment. The energy of the high-energy bond was then delivered in the form of two waves of electronic excitation. These were utilized (...)
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    DNA-Histones a Computer Model.C. Portelli - 1976 - Acta Biotheoretica 25 (2-3):130-152.
    The model of DNA-histones has the following elements: The hydrogen bonds between the complementary nucleotide bases function as informational gates. When the electrons π of one nucleotide base are excited, an exchange of protons is produced between the two complementary bases. The result is the displacement of the conjugated double bonds which facilitates the inter-molecular transmission of the electronic wave of excitation by electro-magnetic coupling. Each triplet of nucleotide bases of DNA fixes one definite amino acid . Between the nucleotide (...)
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