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    Interdisciplinary Research and Trans-disciplinary Validity Claims.C. F. Gethmann - 2015 - Cham: Imprint: Springer. Edited by M. Carrier, G. Hanekamp, M. Kaiser, G. Kamp, S. Lingner, M. Quante & F. Thiele.
    Interdisciplinarity has seemingly become a paradigm for modern and meaningful research. Clearly, the interdisciplinary modus of deliberation enables to unfold relevant but quite different disciplinary perspectives to the reflection of broader scientific questions or societal problems. However, whether the comprehensive results of interdisciplinary reflection prove to be valid or to be acceptable in trans-disciplinary terms depends upon certain preconditions, which have to be fulfilled for securing scientific quality and social trust in advisory contexts. The present book is written by experts (...)
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    Moral arguments against the cloning of humans.C. F. Gethmann & F. Thiele - 2001 - Poiesis and Praxis 1 (1):35-46.
    Since the cloned sheep Dolly was born, reproductive cloning of humans (i.e. the cloning of complete human individuals) has seemed to be – at least in principle – achievable. The technical possibility of reproductive cloning leaves the question unanswered of whether the actual production of a clone would be morally acceptable. Considering several arguments against reproductive cloning – which claim that the moral status of a cloned individual and its clone respectively renders it morally objectionable to carry out cloning – (...)
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