1. An Ethical Market in Human Organs.C. A. Erin - 2003 - Journal of Medical Ethics 29 (3):137-138.
    While people’s lives continue to be put at risk by the dearth of organs available for transplantation, we must give urgent consideration to any option that may make up the shortfall. A market in organs from living donors is one such option. The market should be ethically supportable, and have built into it, for example, safeguards against wrongful exploitation. This can be accomplished by establishing a single purchaser system within a confined marketplace.Statistics can be dehumanising. The following numbers, however, have (...)
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    Presumed Consent or Contracting Out.C. A. Erin & J. Harris - 1999 - Journal of Medical Ethics 25 (5):365-366.
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    Janet Radcliffe Richards on Our Modest Proposal.C. A. Erin - 2003 - Journal of Medical Ethics 29 (3):141-141.
    Janet Radcliffe Richards is as always to the point and radical. We agree with her that “if it is presumptively bad to prevent sales altogether because lives will be lost . . . it is for the same reason presumptively bad to restrict the selling of organs”. Her complaint against our paper is that we are unnecessarily restrictive. John Harris indeed has argued that there are no sound ethical or philosophical reasons for objecting on principle to the sale of live (...)
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  4. Allen D 2000: The Changing Shape of Nursing Practice. London: Routledge. 220 Pp.£ 15.99 (PB). ISBN 0 415 21649 4. [REVIEW]R. Bennett, C. A. Erin, P. Burnard, K. Kendrick, V. Bryson, D. Cormack, J. Duxbury, P. Enderby, A. John & B. Petheram - 2001 - Nursing Ethics 8 (6).
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  5. Who Needs 'the Four Principles'.C. A. Erin - 2003 - In Matti Häyry & Tuija Takala (eds.), Scratching the Surface of Bioethics. Rodopi.
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