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    Contrasting effects of feature-based statistics on the categorisation and basic-level identification of visual objects.Kirsten I. Taylor, Barry J. Devereux, Kadia Acres, Billi Randall & Lorraine K. Tyler - 2012 - Cognition 122 (3):363-374.
  2.  23
    The processing of English regular inflections: Phonological cues to morphological structure.Brechtje Post, William D. Marslen-Wilson, Billi Randall & Lorraine K. Tyler - 2008 - Cognition 109 (1):1-17.
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    Feature Statistics Modulate the Activation of Meaning During Spoken Word Processing.Barry J. Devereux, Kirsten I. Taylor, Billi Randall, Jeroen Geertzen & Lorraine K. Tyler - 2016 - Cognitive Science 40 (2):325-350.
    Understanding spoken words involves a rapid mapping from speech to conceptual representations. One distributed feature-based conceptual account assumes that the statistical characteristics of concepts’ features—the number of concepts they occur in and likelihood of co-occurrence —determine conceptual activation. To test these claims, we investigated the role of distinctiveness/sharedness and correlational strength in speech-to-meaning mapping, using a lexical decision task and computational simulations. Responses were faster for concepts with higher sharedness, suggesting that shared features are facilitatory in tasks like lexical decision (...)
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