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    Daniel Dennett and the Computational Turn.Terry Bynum, Robert Cavalier, James Moor, David Rosenthal & Bill Uzgalis - 2004 - Minds and Machines 14 (2):281-282.
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    Interview with Daniel Dennett conducted by bill Uzgalis in␣boston, massachusetts on december 29, 2004.Bill Uzgalis - 2006 - Minds and Machines 16 (1):7-19.
    A taped conversational interview with Daniel Dennett and Bill Uzgalis covers a wide range of topics arising from Dennett’s thoughts about computing and human beings. The background of Dennett’s work is explored as are his views about mind-brain identity theory, artificial intelligence, functionalism, human exceptionalism, animal culture, language, pain, freedom and determinism, and quality of life.
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