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    Reducing Implicit Racial Preferences: I. A Comparative Investigation of 17 Interventions.Calvin K. Lai, Maddalena Marini, Steven A. Lehr, Carlo Cerruti, Jiyun-Elizabeth L. Shin, Jennifer A. Joy-Gaba, Arnold K. Ho, Bethany A. Teachman, Sean P. Wojcik, Spassena P. Koleva, Rebecca S. Frazier, Larisa Heiphetz, Eva E. Chen, Rhiannon N. Turner, Jonathan Haidt, Selin Kesebir, Carlee Beth Hawkins, Hillary S. Schaefer, Sandro Rubichi, Giuseppe Sartori, Christopher M. Dial, N. Sriram, Mahzarin R. Banaji & Brian A. Nosek - 2014 - Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 143 (4):1765-1785.
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    Threat and Benign Interpretation Bias Might Not Be a Unidimensional Construct.Shari A. Steinman, Sam Portnow, Amber L. Billingsley, Diheng Zhang & Bethany A. Teachman - 2019 - Cognition and Emotion 34 (4):783-792.
    The tendency for individuals to interpret ambiguous information in a threatening way is theorised to maintain anxiety disorders. Recent findings suggest that positive and negative interpretation bi...
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    Anxiety-Linked Expectancy Bias Across the Adult Lifespan.Shari A. Steinman, Frederick L. Smyth, Romola S. Bucks, Colin MacLeod & Bethany A. Teachman - 2013 - Cognition and Emotion 27 (2):345-355.
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    Scared Stiff: The Influence of Anxiety on the Perception of Action Capabilities.Meagan M. Graydon, Sally A. Linkenauger, Bethany A. Teachman & Dennis R. Proffitt - 2012 - Cognition and Emotion 26 (7):1301-1315.
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    Inhibitory Control as a Moderator of Threat-Related Interference Biases in Social Anxiety.Eugenia I. Gorlin & Bethany A. Teachman - 2015 - Cognition and Emotion 29 (4):723-735.
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    Obsessional Beliefs and the Implicit and Explicit Morality of Intrusive Thoughts.Bethany A. Teachman & Elise M. Clerkin - 2007 - Cognition and Emotion 21 (5):999-1024.
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    Relationships Between Trait Emotion Dysregulation and Emotional Experiences in Daily Life: An Experience Sampling Study.Alexander R. Daros, Katharine E. Daniel, Mehdi Boukhechba, Philip I. Chow, Laura E. Barnes & Bethany A. Teachman - 2019 - Cognition and Emotion 34 (4):743-755.
    Few studies have examined how trait emotion dysregulation relates to momentary affective experiences and the emotion regulation strategies people use in daily life. In the current study, 112 c...
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    Perceptual and Cognitive Biases in Individuals with Body Dysmorphic Disorder Symptoms.Elise M. Clerkin & Bethany A. Teachman - 2008 - Cognition and Emotion 22 (7):1327-1339.
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    I Am Going to Gag: Disgust Cognitions in Spider and Blood–Injury–Injection Fears.Bethany A. Teachman & Jena Saporito - 2009 - Cognition and Emotion 23 (2):399-414.
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    The Implicit Association of High-Fat Food and Shame Among Women Recovered From Eating Disorders.Roni Elran-Barak, Tzipi Dror, Andrea B. Goldschmidt & Bethany A. Teachman - 2020 - Frontiers in Psychology 11.
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