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    Ethical Challenges of Simulation-Driven Big Neuroscience.Markus Christen, Nikola Biller-Andorno, Berit Bringedal, Kevin Grimes, Julian Savulescu & Henrik Walter - 2016 - American Journal of Bioethics Neuroscience 7 (1):5-17.
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    Between professional values, social regulations and patient preferences: medical doctors' perceptions of ethical dilemmas.Berit Bringedal, Karin Isaksson Rø, Morten Magelssen, Reidun Førde & Olaf Gjerløv Aasland - 2017 - Journal of Medical Ethics:medethics-2017-104408.
    Background We present and discuss the results of a Norwegian survey of medical doctors' views on potential ethical dilemmas in professional practice. Methods The study was conducted in 2015 as a postal questionnaire to a representative sample of 1612 doctors, among which 1261 responded. We provided a list of 41 potential ethical dilemmas and asked whether each was considered a dilemma, and whether the doctor would perform the task, if in a position to do so. Conceptually, dilemmas arise because of (...)
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    An empirical bioethical examination of Norwegian and British doctors' views of responsibility and (de)prioritization in healthcare.Jim A. C. Everett, Hannah Maslen, Anne-Marie Nussberger, Berit Bringedal, Dominic Wilkinson & Julian Savulescu - 2021 - Bioethics 35 (9):932-946.
    In a world with limited resources, allocation of resources to certain individuals and conditions inevitably means fewer resources allocated to other individuals and conditions. Should a patient's personal responsibility be relevant to decisions regarding allocation? In this project we combine the normative and the descriptive, conducting an empirical bioethical examination of how both Norwegian and British doctors think about principles of responsibility in allocating scarce healthcare resources. A large proportion of doctors in both countries supported including responsibility for illness in (...)
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    Paper: On the relevance of personal responsibility in priority setting: a cross-sectional survey among Norwegian medical doctors.Berit Bringedal & Eli Feiring - 2011 - Journal of Medical Ethics 37 (6):357-361.
    The debate on responsibility for health takes place within political philosophy and in policy setting. It is increasingly relevant in the context of rationing scarce resources as a substantial, and growing, proportion of diseases in high-income countries is attributable to lifestyle. Until now, empirical studies of medical professionals' attitudes towards personal responsibility for health as a component of prioritisation have been lacking. This paper explores to what extent Norwegian physicians find personal responsibility for health relevant in prioritisation and what type (...)
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    Just health: on the conditions for acceptable and unacceptable priority settings with respect to patients' socioeconomic status.Kristine Bærøe & Berit Bringedal - 2011 - Journal of Medical Ethics 37 (9):526-529.
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    Commentary to ‘Social Health Disparities in Clinical Care: A New Approach to Medical Fairness’ by Puschel, Furlan and Dekkers.Berit Bringedal & Kristine Bærøe - 2017 - Public Health Ethics 10 (1).
    The commentary brings up two topics. The first concerns whether and how a patient’s socioeconomic status should count in clinical care. We provide a brief summary of Puschel and colleagues’ view and discuss it in relation to other accounts. We share their conclusion; considering SES in clinical care can be justified from a fairness perspective. Yet, we question the claim that this is a new perspective, and argue that the reason for the claim of novelty is an insufficient use of (...)
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