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  1. The Undivided Universe: An Ontological Interpretation of Quantum Theory.David Bohm & Basil J. Hiley - 1993 - Routledge.
    In the _The Undivided Universe_, David Bohn and Basil Hiley present a radically different approach to quantum theory. They develop an interpretation of quantum mechanics which gives a clear, intuitive understanding of its meaning and in which there is a coherent notion of the reality of the universe without assuming a fundamental role for the human observer. With the aid of new concepts such as active information together with non-locality, they provide a comprehensive account of all the basic features of (...)
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  2. The Undivided Universe: An Ontological Interpretation of Quantum Theory.David Bohm & Basil J. Hiley - 1993 - Routledge.
    First published in 1995. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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  3. Can Mind Affect Matter Via Active Information?Basil J. Hiley & Paavo Pylkkanen - 2005 - Mind and Matter 3 (2):8-27.
    Mainstream cognitive neuroscience typically ignores the role of quantum physical effects in the neural processes underlying cogni¬tion and consciousness. However, many unsolved problems remain, suggesting the need to consider new approaches. We propose that quantum theory, especially through an ontological interpretation due to Bohm and Hiley, provides a fruitful framework for addressing the neural correlates of cognition and consciousness. In particular, the ontological interpretation suggests that a novel type of 'active information', connected with a novel type of 'quantum potential energy', (...)
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    Quantum Implications: Essays in Honour of David Bohm.Basil J. Hiley & D. Peat (eds.) - 1987 - Methuen.
    b /b b i Quantum Implications /i /b is dedicated to David Bohm, his work, and the issues raised by his ideas.
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    Imprints of the Quantum World in Classical Mechanics.Maurice A. de Gosson & Basil J. Hiley - 2011 - Foundations of Physics 41 (9):1415-1436.
    The imprints left by quantum mechanics in classical (Hamiltonian) mechanics are much more numerous than is usually believed. We show that the Schrödinger equation for a nonrelativistic spinless particle is a classical equation which is equivalent to Hamilton’s equations. Our discussion is quite general, and incorporates time-dependent systems. This gives us the opportunity of discussing the group of Hamiltonian canonical transformations which is a non-linear variant of the usual symplectic group.
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  6. Naturalizing the Mind in a Quantum Framework.Basil J. Hiley & Paavo Pylkkanen - 2001 - In Paavo Pylkkanen & Tere Vaden (eds.), Dimensions of Conscious Experience. John Benjamins.
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    Clifford Algebras in Symplectic Geometry and Quantum Mechanics.Ernst Binz, Maurice A. de Gosson & Basil J. Hiley - 2013 - Foundations of Physics 43 (4):424-439.
    The necessary appearance of Clifford algebras in the quantum description of fermions has prompted us to re-examine the fundamental role played by the quaternion Clifford algebra, C 0,2 . This algebra is essentially the geometric algebra describing the rotational properties of space. Hidden within this algebra are symplectic structures with Heisenberg algebras at their core. This algebra also enables us to define a Poisson algebra of all homogeneous quadratic polynomials on a two-dimensional sub-space, $\mathbb{F}^{a}$ of the Euclidean three-space. This enables (...)
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    Quantum Relativity: A Synthesis of the Ideas of Einstein and Heisenberg.Basil J. Hiley - 1998 - Process Studies 27 (3/4):350-352.