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Bas Van Der Vossen
Chapman University
  1. Imposing Duties and Original Appropriation.Bas Vossen - 2014 - Journal of Political Philosophy 22 (2):64-85.
  2.  17
    Academic Activism Revisited.Bas Vossen - 2020 - Journal of Applied Philosophy 37 (2):249-257.
    Academics are, or ought to be, engaged in an impartial search for the truth. Many academics also are, but ought not to be, engaged in political activism. I defend a moral duty for academics to refrain from such activism. Ben Jones’ article in this journal rejects such a duty. This article responds to his objections, thereby more carefully formulating when and why political activism is morally problematic, and what burdens it may imply.
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    On Legitimacy and Authority: A Response to Krehoff.Bas Vossen - 2008 - Res Publica 14 (4):299-302.