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  1. Aristotle on the Necessity of Public Education.Randall R. Curren, Barbara Koziak, Waller Newell, Nalin Ranasinghe & Patrick J. Deneen - 2000 - Political Theory 30 (3):441-448.
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    Retrieving Political Emotion: Thumos, Aristotle, and Gender.Barbara Koziak - 2000 - Pennsylvania State University Press.
    _Retrieving Political Emotion _engages the reader in an excursion through our ancient Greek heritage to recover a concept of emotion useful for enriching political philosophy today. Focusing on _thumos_, Barbara Koziak reveals misinterpretations of the concept that have hampered recognition of its possibilities for normative theory. Then, drawing especially on Aristotle's construal of it as a general capacity for emotion and relating this to contemporary multidisciplinary work on emotion, she reformulates _thumos_ to provide a more adequate theory of political emotion, (...)
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    Gewirth: Critical Essays on Action, Rationality, and Community.Anita Allen, Lawrence C. Becker, Deryck Beyleveld, David Cummiskey, David DeGrazia, David M. Gallagher, Alan Gewirth, Virginia Held, Barbara Koziak, Donald Regan, Jeffrey Reiman, Henry Richardson, Beth J. Singer, Michael Slote, Edward Spence & James P. Sterba - 1998 - Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.
    As one of the most important ethicists to emerge since the Second World War, Alan Gewirth continues to influence philosophical debates concerning morality. In this ground-breaking book, Gewirth's neo-Kantianism, and the communitarian problems discussed, form a dialogue on the foundation of moral theory. Themes of agent-centered constraints, the formal structure of theories, and the relationship between freedom and duty are examined along with such new perspectives as feminism, the Stoics, and Sartre. Gewirth offers a picture of the philosopher's theory and (...)
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    Book Review: From Disgust to Humanity: Sexual Orientation and Constitutional LawFrom Disgust to Humanity: Sexual Orientation and Constitutional Law, by NussbaumMartha. New York: Oxford University Press, 2010. [REVIEW]Barbara Koziak - 2011 - Political Theory 39 (6):808-811.
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    Emotions, Community, and Citizenship: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives.Barbara Koziak - 2019 - Contemporary Political Theory 18 (3):179-182.
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