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  1. Some structural analogies between tenses and pronouns in English.Barbara Hall Partee - 1973 - Journal of Philosophy 70 (18):601-609.
  2. Compositionality in formal semantics: selected papers of Barbara H. Partee.Barbara Hall Partee - 2004 - Malden, MA: Blackwell.
  3. Opacity, coreference, and pronouns.Barbara Hall Partee - 1970 - Synthese 21 (3-4):359 - 385.
    The problem discussed here is to find a basis for a uniform treatment of the relation between pronouns and their antecedents, taking into account both linguists' and philosophers' approaches. The two main candidates would appear to be the linguists' notion of coreference and the philosophers' notion of pronouns as variables. The notion of coreference can be extended to many but not all cases where the antecedent is non-referential. The pronouns-as-variables approach appears to come closer to full generality, but there are (...)
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  4. Properties, Types and Meaning.Gennaro Chierchia, Barbara Hall Partee & Raymond Turner - 1989
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    Negation, Conjunction, and Quantifiers: Syntax vs. Semantics.Barbara Hall Partee - 1970 - Foundations of Language 6 (2):153-165.
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    Context-dependence in the analysis of linguistic meaning.Hans Kamp & Barbara Hall Partee (eds.) - 2004 - Boston: Elsevier.
    Does context and context-dependence belong to the research agenda of semantics - and, specifically, of formal semantics? Not so long ago many linguists and philosophers would probably have given a negative answer to the question. However, recent developments in formal semantics have indicated that analyzing natural language semantics without a thorough accommodation of context-dependence is next to impossible. The classification of the ways in which context and context-dependence enter semantic analysis, though, is still a matter of much controversy and some (...)
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  7. Bibliography, Logic and Language.Barbara Hall Partee, Sharon Sabsay & John Soper - 1971 - Indiana University Linguistics Club.
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