Balder ten Cate [3]Balder Cate [2]
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    Hybrid Logics with Sahlqvist Axioms.Balder Cate, Maarten Marx & Petrúcio Viana - 2005 - Logic Journal of the IGPL 13 (3):293-300.
    We show that every extension of the basic hybrid logic with modal Sahlqvist axioms is complete. As a corollary of our approach, we also obtain the Beth property for a large class of hybrid logics. Finally, we show that the new completeness result cannot be combined with the existing general completeness result for pure axioms.
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  2. Modal Logics for Product Topologies.Johan van Benthem, Guram Bezhanishvili, Balder Ten Cate & Darko Sarenac - 2006 - Studia Logica 84 (3):375-99.
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    Expressivity of Second Order Propositional Modal Logic.Balder Cate - 2006 - Journal of Philosophical Logic 35 (2):209-223.
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    Some Model Theory of Guarded Negation.Vince Bárány, Michael Benedikt & Balder ten Cate - 2018 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 83 (4):1307-1344.
    The Guarded Negation Fragment is a fragment of first-order logic that contains all positive existential formulas, can express the first-order translations of basic modal logic and of many description logics, along with many sentences that arise in databases. It has been shown that the syntax of GNFO is restrictive enough so that computational problems such as validity and satisfiability are still decidable. This suggests that, in spite of its expressive power, GNFO formulas are amenable to novel optimizations. In this article (...)
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    Guarded Fragments with Constants.Balder ten Cate & Massimo Franceschet - 2005 - Journal of Logic, Language and Information 14 (3):281-288.
    We prove ExpTime-membership of the satisfiability problem for loosely ∀-guarded first-order formulas with a bounded number of variables and an unbounded number of constants. Guarded fragments with constants are interesting by themselves and because of their connection to hybrid logic.
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