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    John R. Searle: Thinking About the Real World.Dirk Franken, Attila Karakus & Michel Michel (eds.) - 2010 - De Gruyter.
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  2. Is Rorty's non-reductive naturalism reductive?Attila Karakuş & Andreas Vieth - 2005 - In Attila Karakus & Andreas Vieth (eds.), Richard Rorty: His Philosophy Under Discussion. Verlag. pp. 79-96.
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    John R. Searle: Thinking about the Real World.Jan G. Michel, Dirk Franken & Attila Karakus (eds.) - 2010 - Frankfurt: ontos/de Gruyter.
    John R. Searle is one of the world's leading philosophers. During his long and outstanding career, he has made groundbreaking and lasting contributions to the philosophy of language, to the philosophy of mind, as well as to the nature, structure, and functioning of social reality. This volume documents the 13th Münster Lectures on Philosophy with John R. Searle. It includes not only 11 critical papers on Searle's philosophy and Searle's replies to the papers, but also an original article by John (...)
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  4. Probleme der Religionsphilosophie Franz von Kutscheras.T. Raja Rosenhagen, Daniel-Maria Steinke, Michael Pohl & Attila Karakus - 2005 - In Christoph Halbig & Christian Weidemann (eds.), Franz von Kutschera: Analytische Philosophie jenseits des Materialismus. Münster, Germany: pp. 105-116.
    This article contains a brief critique of von Kutschera's conception of God, especially of the conceptual tension between divine transcendence and divine personhood, and of his response to the problem of evil.
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