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    Eye contact facilitates awareness of faces during interocular suppression.Timo Stein, Atsushi Senju, Marius V. Peelen & Philipp Sterzer - 2011 - Cognition 119 (2):307-311.
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    Understanding the referential nature of looking: Infants’ preference for object-directed gaze.Atsushi Senju, Gergely Csibra & Mark H. Johnson - 2008 - Cognition 108 (2):303-319.
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    Eye contact does not facilitate detection in children with autism.Atsushi Senju, Kiyoshi Yaguchi, Yoshikuni Tojo & Toshikazu Hasegawa - 2003 - Cognition 89 (1):B43-B51.
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    Direct Gaze Partially Overcomes Hemispatial Neglect and Captures Spatial Attention.Miguel Leal Rato, Inês Mares, Diana Aguiar de Sousa, Atsushi Senju & Isabel Pavão Martins - 2019 - Frontiers in Psychology 9.
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    Is eye contact the key to the social brain?Atsushi Senju & Mark H. Johnson - 2010 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 33 (6):458-459.
    Eye contact plays a critical role in many aspects of face processing, including the processing of smiles. We propose that this is achieved by a subcortical route, which is activated by eye contact and modulates the cortical areas involve in social cognition, including the processing of facial expression. This mechanism could be impaired in individuals with autism spectrum disorders.
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    Social Cognition in Williams Syndrome: Genotype/Phenotype Insights from Partial Deletion Patients.Annette Karmiloff-Smith, Hannah Broadbent, Emily K. Farran, Elena Longhi, Dean D’Souza, Kay Metcalfe, May Tassabehji, Rachel Wu, Atsushi Senju, Francesca Happé, Peter Turnpenny & Francis Sansbury - 2012 - Frontiers in Psychology 3.
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    Metacognition and mindreading in young children: A cross-cultural study.Sunae Kim, Beate Sodian, Markus Paulus, Atsushi Senju, Akiko Okuno, Mika Ueno, Shoji Itakura & Joélle Proust - 2020 - Consciousness and Cognition 85 (C):103017.