1.  71
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  2.  31
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  3.  47
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    We can easily discriminate self-produced from externally generated sensory signals. Recent studies suggest that the prediction of the sensory consequences of one’s own actions made by forward model can be used to attenuate the sensory effects of self-produced movements, thereby enabling a differentiation of the self-produced sensation from the externally generated one. The present study showed that attenuation of sensation occurred both when participants themselves performed a goal-directed action and when they observed experimenter performing the same action, although they clearly (...)
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  4.  33
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    Transition From Crawling to Walking Changes Gaze Communication Space in Everyday Infant-Parent Interaction.Hiroki Yamamoto, Atsushi Sato & Shoji Itakura - 2020 - Frontiers in Psychology 10.
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