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    Essays in the history of ideas.Arthur Oncken Lovejoy - 1949 - Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press.
    "Still relevant, this 1960's book of essays of ideas is a must read for those who enjoy new ideas." -- Amazon.com viewed May 10, 2021.
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    The Thirteen Pragmatisms, and Other Essays.Arthur Oncken Lovejoy - 1963 - Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press.
    Originally published in 1963. The essays in this volume are critical and, with one exception, directed against the philosophic movement of pragmatism. "The Thirteen Pragmatisms" is an exercise in logical analysis and is a challenge to a group of philosophers who have taken on a collective name to show how their apparent diversities are to be reconciled. Few philosophers would call themselves orthodox followers of this train of thought, so these essays can be studied without a sense of personal injury (...)
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    The reason, the understanding, and time.Arthur Oncken Lovejoy - 1961 - Baltimore,: Johns Hopkins University Press.
    Lovejoy's philosophical interpretation is a model of penetrating insight and helpful criticism.
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    The Buddhistic technical terms upādāna and upādisesaThe Buddhistic technical terms upadana and upadisesa.Arthur Oncken Lovejoy - 1898 - Journal of the American Oriental Society 19:126.
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