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    The emergence of sexuality: historical epistemology and the formation of concepts.Arnold Ira Davidson - 2001 - Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press.
    In this book, Arnold Davidson elaborates a method for considering the history of concepts and the nature of scientific knowledge, a method he calls "historical epistemology." He applies this to the history of sexuality, with consequences for our understanding of desire, abnormality, and sexuality.
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    Foucault and his interlocutors.Arnold Ira Davidson (ed.) - 1997 - Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
    Containing the debate between Michel Foucault and Noam Chomsky on epistemology and politics, this book also features the most significant essays by the most important French thinkers who influenced and were influenced by Foucault. Foucault's teachers, colleagues, and collaborators take up his major claims, from his first to final works, and provide us with the authoritative context in which to understand Foucault's writings. This volume also includes several important works by Foucault previously unpublished in English. The other contributors are Georges (...)
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    The late Derrida.William John Thomas Mitchell & Arnold Ira Davidson (eds.) - 2007 - Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
    The rubric “The Late Derrida,” with all puns and ambiguities cheerfully intended, points to the late work of Jacques Derrida, the vast outpouring of new writing by and about him in the period roughly from 1994 to 2004. In this period Derrida published more than he had produced during his entire career up to that point. At the same time, this volume deconstructs the whole question of lateness and the usefulness of periodization. It calls into question the “fact” of his (...)
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    Enlightenment now concluding reflections on knowledge and belief.Mary B. Campbell, Lorraine Daston, Arnold Ira Davidson, John Forrester & Simon Goldhill - 2007 - Common Knowledge 13 (2-3):429-450.
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    Questions of evidence: proof, practice, and persuasion across the disciplines.James K. Chandler, Arnold Ira Davidson & Harry D. Harootunian (eds.) - 1994 - Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
    Biologists, historians, lawyers, art historians, and literary critics all voice arguments in the critical dialogue about what constitutes evidence in research and scholarship. They examine not only the constitution and "blurring" of disciplinary boundaries, but also the configuration of the fact-evidence distinctions made in different disciplines and historical moments the relative function of such concepts as "self-evidence," "experience," "test," "testimony," and "textuality" in varied academic discourses and the way "rules of evidence" are themselves products of historical developments. The essays and (...)
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