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    Eaten up by boredom: consuming food to escape awareness of the bored self.Andrew B. Moynihan, Wijnand A. P. Van Tilburg, Eric R. Igou, Arnaud Wisman, Alan E. Donnelly & Jessie B. Mulcaire - 2015 - Frontiers in Psychology 6.
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    The smell of death: evidence that putrescine elicits threat management mechanisms.Arnaud Wisman & Ilan Shrira - 2015 - Frontiers in Psychology 6:153623.
    The ability to detect and respond to chemosensory threat cues in the environment plays a vital role in survival across species. However, little is known about which chemical compounds can act as olfactory threat signals in humans. We hypothesized that brief exposure to putrescine, a chemical compound produced by the breakdown of fatty acids in the decaying tissue of dead bodies, can function as a chemosensory warning signal, activating threat management responses (e.g., heightened alertness, fight-or-flight responses). This hypothesis was tested (...)
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    Hopelessly mortal: The role of mortality salience, immortality and trait self-esteem in personal hope.Arnaud Wisman & Nathan A. Heflick - 2016 - Cognition and Emotion 30 (5).