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    Comparing Incommensurables.Anthony Marc Williams - 2011 - Journal of Value Inquiry 45 (3):267-277.
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    Why survival is enough.Anthony Marc Williams - 2008 - Journal of Value Inquiry 42 (4):433-449.
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    Forgiveness, resentment, and intentional agency.Anthony Marc Williams - 2011 - Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism 19 (1):1-12.
    Forgiveness is a highly personal act. Only a moral agent can forgive and the only proper object of forgiveness is a moral agent. One trait that is particularly characteristic of moral agents is selfevaluation. It is precisely this activity that is involved in a genuine act of forgiveness. According to Bishop Butler and several other contemporary philosophers, forgiveness involves foreswearing one’s resentment towards another person. Successful forgiveness, for these accounts, essentially involves overcoming oneself. An important part of this self-overcoming involves (...)
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