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    Evaluating Assessment Tools of the Quality of Clinical Ethics Consultations: A Systematic Scoping Review From 1992 to 2019.Nicholas Yue Shuen Yoon, Yun Ting Ong, Hong Wei Yap, Kuang Teck Tay, Elijah Gin Lim, Clarissa Wei Shuen Cheong, Wei Qiang Lim, Annelissa Mien Chew Chin, Ying Pin Toh, Min Chiam, Stephen Mason & Lalit Kumar Radha Krishna - 2020 - BMC Medical Ethics 21 (1):1-11.
    BackgroundAmidst expanding roles in education and policy making, questions have been raised about the ability of Clinical Ethics Committees s to carry out effective ethics consultations. However recent reviews of CECs suggest that there is no uniformity to CECons and no effective means of assessing the quality of CECons. To address this gap a systematic scoping review of prevailing tools used to assess CECons was performed to foreground and guide the design of a tool to evaluate the quality of CECons.MethodsGuided (...)
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    The Impact of Caring for Dying Patients in Intensive Care Units on a Physician’s Personhood: A Systematic Scoping Review.Joshua Tze Yin Kuek, Lisa Xin Ling Ngiam, Nur Haidah Ahmad Kamal, Jeng Long Chia, Natalie Pei Xin Chan, Ahmad Bin Hanifah Marican Abdurrahman, Chong Yao Ho, Lorraine Hui En Tan, Jun Leng Goh, Michelle Shi Qing Khoo, Yun Ting Ong, Min Chiam, Annelissa Mien Chew Chin, Stephen Mason & Lalit Kumar Radha Krishna - 2020 - Philosophy, Ethics, and Humanities in Medicine 15 (1):1-16.
    Background Supporting physicians in Intensive Care Units s as they face dying patients at unprecedented levels due to the COVID-19 pandemic is critical. Amidst a dearth of such data and guided by evidence that nurses in ICUs experience personal, professional and existential issues in similar conditions, a systematic scoping review is proposed to evaluate prevailing accounts of physicians facing dying patients in ICUs through the lens of Personhood. Such data would enhance understanding and guide the provision of better support for (...)
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  3. Extending the Ring Theory of Personhood to the Care of Dying Patients in Intensive Care Units.Lalit Kumar Radha Krishna, Stephen Mason, Annelissa Mien Chew Chin, Alexia Sze Inn Lee, Min Chiam, Yun Ting Ong, Ahmad Bin Hanifah Marican Abdurrahman, Nur Haidah Binte Ahmad Kamal, Joshua Tze Yin Kuek, Lisa Xin Ling Ngiam, Chong Yao Ho, Jeng Long Chia & Natalie Pei Xin Chan - 2021 - Asian Bioethics Review 14 (1):71-86.
    It is evident, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic that has physicians confronting death and dying at unprecedented levels along with growing data suggesting that physicians who care for dying patients face complex emotional, psychological and behavioural effects, that there is a need for their better understanding and the implementation of supportive measures. Taking into account data positing that effects of caring for dying patients may impact a physician’s concept of personhood, or “what makes you, ‘you’”, we adopt Radha (...)
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