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Anne Barron
London School of Economics
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    Feminism, Aestheticism and the Limits of Law.Anne Barron - 2000 - Feminist Legal Studies 8 (3):275-317.
    This article seeks to identify and address the normative void that resides at the heart of postmodernist-feminist theory, and to propose a philosophical framework – beyond postmodernism, but incorporating its central insights – for thinking through the normative questions with which feminists are inevitably confronted in their engagements with positive law. Two varieties of postmodernist-feminism are identified and critically analysed: the ‘corporeal feminism’ of Elizabeth Grosz and Judith Butler, which seeks to ground feminist critical practice in the irruptive capacities of (...)
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  2. Kant, Copyright and Communicative Freedom.Anne Barron - 2012 - Law and Philosophy 31 (1):1-48.
    The rapid recent expansion of copyright law worldwide has sparked efforts to defend the ‘public domain’ of non-propertized information, often on the ground that an expansive public domain is a condition of a ‘free culture’. Yet questions remain about why the public domain is worth defending, what exactly a free culture is, and what role (if any) authors’ rights might play in relation to it. From the standard liberal perspective shared by many critics of copyright expansionism, the protection of individual (...)
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  3. Lyotard and the problem of justice.Anne Barron - 1992 - In Andrew E. Benjamin (ed.), Judging Lyotard. Routledge. pp. 26--42.
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  4. Intro Jurisprudenc Legal Theory.Anne Barron, Hugh Collins, Emily Jackson, Nicola Lacey, Robert Reiner, Hamish Ross & Gunther Teubner - 2002 - Oxford University Press UK.
    This book provides an accessible introduction to jurisprudence and legal theory. It sets out a course of study that offers a highly effective series of introductions into a wide variety of theories and theoretical perspectives, from traditional approaches such as Natural Law to modern ones such as Feminist Theory, Economic Analysis of Law and Foucault and Law, The book is designed for students of jurisprudence and legal theory, but it will also assist those studying law and legal systems within courses (...)
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    Visualizing and quantifying cell phenotype using soft X-ray tomography.Gerry McDermott, Douglas M. Fox, Lindsay Epperly, Modi Wetzler, Annelise E. Barron, Mark A. Le Gros & Carolyn A. Larabell - 2012 - Bioessays 34 (4):320-327.
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    Copyright.Anne Barron - 2006 - Theory, Culture and Society 23 (2-3):278-282.
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