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    Neural Correlates of Simulated Driving While Performing a Secondary Task: A Review.Massimiliano Palmiero, Laura Piccardi, Maddalena Boccia, Francesca Baralla, Pierluigi Cordellieri, Roberto Sgalla, Umberto Guidoni & Anna Maria Giannini - 2019 - Frontiers in Psychology 10.
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    Riding the Adolescence: Personality Subtypes in Young Moped Riders and Their Association With Risky Driving Attitudes and Behaviors.Fabio Lucidi, Luca Mallia, Anna Maria Giannini, Roberto Sgalla, Lambros Lazuras, Andrea Chirico, Fabio Alivernini, Laura Girelli & Cristiano Violani - 2019 - Frontiers in Psychology 10.
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    Retrieval-Induced Forgetting as Motivated Cognition.Gennaro Pica, Marina Chernikova, Antonio Pierro, Anna Maria Giannini & Arie W. Kruglanski - 2018 - Frontiers in Psychology 9.
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    EMDR therapy for PTSD after motor vehicle accidents: meta-analytic evidence for specific treatment.Maddalena Boccia, Laura Piccardi, Pierluigi Cordellieri, Cecilia Guariglia & Anna Maria Giannini - 2015 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 9.
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    Continuous Environmental Changes May Enhance Topographic Memory Skills. Evidence From L’Aquila Earthquake-Exposed Survivors.Laura Piccardi, Massimiliano Palmiero, Alessia Bocchi, Anna Maria Giannini, Maddalena Boccia, Francesca Baralla, Pierluigi Cordellieri & Simonetta D’Amico - 2018 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 12.
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    Sleep-Related Problems in Night Shift Nurses: Towards an Individualized Interventional Practice.Valentina Alfonsi, Serena Scarpelli, Maurizio Gorgoni, Mariella Pazzaglia, Anna Maria Giannini & Luigi De Gennaro - 2021 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 15.
    Rotating shifts are common among nurses to ensure continuity of care. This scheduling system encompasses several adverse health and performance consequences. One of the most injurious effects of night-time shift work is the deterioration of sleep patterns due to both circadian rhythm disruption and increased sleep homeostatic pressure. Sleep problems lead to secondary effects on other aspects of wellbeing and cognitive functioning, increasing the risk of errors and workplace accidents. A wide range of interventions has been proposed to improve the (...)
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