1. Stakeholder Engagement: Past, Present, and Future.Daniel Laude, Anna Heikkinen, Heta Leinonen, Sybille Sachs & Johanna Kujala - 2022 - Business and Society 61 (5):1136-1196.
    Stakeholder engagement has grown into a widely used yet often unclear construct in business and society research. The literature lacks a unified understanding of the essentials of stakeholder engagement, and the fragmented use of the stakeholder engagement construct challenges its development and legitimacy. The purpose of this article is to clarify the construct of stakeholder engagement to unfold the full potential of stakeholder engagement research. We conduct a literature review on 90 articles in leading academic journals focusing on stakeholder engagement (...)
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    Particularizing Nonhuman Nature in Stakeholder Theory: The Recognition Approach.Teea Kortetmäki, Anna Heikkinen & Ari Jokinen - 2022 - Journal of Business Ethics 185 (1):17-31.
    Stakeholder theory has grown into one of the most frequent approaches to organizational sustainability. Stakeholder research has provided considerable insight on organization–nature relations, and advanced approaches that consider the intrinsic value of nonhuman nature. However, nonhuman nature is typically approached as an ambiguous, unified entity. Taking nonhumans adequately into account requires greater detail for both grounding the status of nonhumans and particularizing nonhuman entities as a set of potential organizational stakeholders with different characteristics, vulnerabilities, and needs. We utilize the philosophical (...)
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    Understanding the Nature of Stakeholder Relationships: An Empirical Examination of a Conflict Situation. [REVIEW]Johanna Kujala, Anna Heikkinen & Hanna Lehtimäki - 2012 - Journal of Business Ethics 109 (1):53-65.
    This article examines stakeholder relationships in a conflict situation. The focus of analysis is on how to understand stakeholder relationships as both ethical and strategic, and further, how the interests of different stakeholders become justified. To describe stakeholder relationships, we use media texts reporting on the case of a foreign investment project. The description shows how relationships evolve and how they constitute different episodes related to the conflict. We address the episodes by analysing stakeholder relationships and their salience. Furthermore, we (...)
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