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Andy Gardner
University of St Andrews
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    Ultimate explanations concern the adaptive rationale for organism design.Andy Gardner - 2013 - Biology and Philosophy 28 (5):787-791.
    My understanding is that proximate explanations concern adaptive mechanism and that ultimate explanations concern adaptive rationale. Viewed in this light, the two kinds of explanation are quite distinct, but they interact in a complementary way to give a full understanding of biological adaptations. In contrast, Laland et al. (2013)—following a literal reading of Mayr (Science 134:1501–1506, 1961)—have characterized ultimate explanations as concerning any and all mechanisms that have operated over the course of an organism’s evolutionary history. This has unfortunate consequences, (...)
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    Life, the universe and everything.Andy Gardner - 2014 - Biology and Philosophy 29 (2):207-215.
    The Formal Darwinism project probes the connections between the dynamics of natural selection and the design of organisms. Here, I explain why this work should be of interest to philosophers, arguing that it is the natural development in a long-running scholarly enquiry into the meaning of life. I then review some of my own work which has applied the tools of Formal Darwinism to address issues concerning the units of adaptation in social evolution, leading to a deeper understanding of the (...)
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    The agent concept is a scientific tool: Samir Okasha: Agents and goals in evolution. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018, xiv+254pp, £30.00 HB.Andy Gardner - 2019 - Metascience 28 (3):359-363.
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    Cosmological natural selection and the purpose of the universe.Andy Gardner & Joseph P. Conlon - 2013 - Complexity 18 (5):48-56.
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    5 Adaptation of Individuals and Groups.Andy Gardner - 2013 - In Philippe Huneman & Frédéric Bouchard (eds.), From Groups to Individuals. Evolution and Emerging Individuality. MIT Press. pp. 99.
  6. Adaptation of individuals and groups.Andy Gardner - 2013 - In Frédéric Bouchard & Philippe Huneman (eds.), From Groups to Individuals: Evolution and Emerging Individuality. MIT Press.
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    Genomic Imprinting As a Window into Human Language Evolution.Thomas J. Hitchcock, Silvia Paracchini & Andy Gardner - 2019 - Bioessays 41 (6):1800212.
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