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    The Economic Theory of Social Institutions.Andrew Schotter - 2008 - Cambridge University Press.
    This book uses game theory to analyse the creation, evolution and function of economic and social institutions. The author illustrates his analysis by describing the organic or unplanned evolution of institutions such as the conventions of war, the use of money, property rights and oligopolistic pricing conventions. Professor Schotter begins by linking his work with the ideas of the philosophers Rawls, Nozick and Lewis. Institutions are regarded as regularities in the behaviour of social agents, which the agents themselves tacitly create (...)
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    The Foundations of Positive and Normative Economics: A Handbook.Andrew Caplin & Andrew Schotter (eds.) - 2008 - Oxford University Press USA.
    The Foundations of Positive and Normative Economics: A Handbook is the first book in a new series by Andrew Caplin and Andrew Schotter. There is currently no guide available on the rapidly changing methodological frontiers of the field of economics. Economists have been introducing new theories and new sources of data at a remarkable rate in recent years, and there are widely divergent views both on how productive these expansions have been in the past, and how best to make progress (...)
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    Handbook of Experimental Economic Methodology.Guillaume R. Fréchette & Andrew Schotter (eds.) - 2015 - Oxford University Press USA.
    The Handbook of Experimental Economic Methodology, edited by Guillaume R. Fréchette and Andrew Schotter, aims to confront and debate the issues faced by the growing field of experimental economics. For example, as experimental work attempts to test theory, it raises questions about the proper relationship between theory and experiments. As experimental results are used to inform policy, the utility of these results outside the lab is questioned, and finally, as experimental economics tries to integrate ideas from other disciplines like psychology (...)
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    Beyond Optimizing, Michael Slote. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1989, via + 192 pages. [REVIEW]Andrew Schotter - 1991 - Economics and Philosophy 7 (1):128-132.