Andrew Ford [10]Andrew L. Ford [2]
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    Protagoras' Head: Interpreting Philosophic Fragments in Theaetetus.Andrew Ford - 1994 - American Journal of Philology 115 (2).
  2.  7
    The beginnings of dialogue : Socratic discourses and fourth-century prose.Andrew Ford - 2008 - In Simon Goldhill (ed.), The end of dialogue in antiquity. New York: Cambridge University Press. pp. 29--44.
  3. The genre of genres.Andrew Ford - 2002 - Classical Review 10:41.
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  4. Plato's two Hesiods.Andrew L. Ford - 2009 - In G. R. Boys-Stones & J. H. Haubold (eds.), Plato and Hesiod. Oxford University Press. pp. 133--154.
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  5. Platonic insults: Sophistic.Andrew Ford - 1993 - Common Knowledge 2:33-48.
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    Aristotle as Poet: The Song for Hermias and its Contexts.Andrew L. Ford - 2011 - Oup Usa.
    This comprehensive and in-depth examination of Aristotle's poetry is focused on his ode for Hermias of Atarneus. The song's relation to earlier poetry is illustrated with unprecedented thoroughness and the remarkable story of its reception is studied in the context of fourth-century politics, religious history, and literary theory.
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    Critical Moments in Classical Literature: Studies in the Ancient View of Literature and Its Uses (review).Andrew Ford - 2010 - American Journal of Philology 131 (4):703-706.
    These essays treat a heterogeneous group of texts: alongside On the Sublime and How the young man should listen to poetry are an Attic comedy, a satyr play, a Plutarchan fragment, and the epitome of a lost work by Dionysius of Halicarnassus. It is a mixed bag, which is the point. Hunter offers "moments" in the history of criticism because we lack evidence to write a linear narrative . Given the lacunose record, he suggests the best way forward is to (...)
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    Inventing Homer. The Early Reception of Epic (Book).Andrew Ford - 2003 - Journal of Hellenic Studies 123:200-201.
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    Poets' Lives - (M.) Kivilo Early Greek Poets' Lives. The Shaping of the Tradition. ( Mnemosyne Supplements 322.) Pp. xii + 270. Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2010. Cased, €103, US$147. ISBN: 978-90-04-18615-6. [REVIEW]Andrew Ford - 2012 - The Classical Review 62 (2):352-354.
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