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Amy Rose Deal
University of California, Santa Cruz
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    Countability distinctions and semantic variation.Amy Rose Deal - 2017 - Natural Language Semantics 25 (2):125-171.
    To what extent are countability distinctions subject to systematic semantic variation? Could there be a language with no countability distinctions—in particular, one where all nouns are count? I argue that the answer is no: even in a language where all NPs have the core morphosyntactic properties of English count NPs, such as combining with numerals directly and showing singular/plural contrasts, countability distinctions still emerge on close inspection. I divide these distinctions into those related to sums and those related to parts. (...)
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    A theory of indexical shift: meaning, grammar, and crosslinguistic variation.Amy Rose Deal - 2020 - Cambridge, Massachusetts: The MIT Press.
    This book answers both the 'what' and the 'why' question raised by indexical shift in crosslinguistic perspective. What are the possible profiles of an indexical shifting language, and why do we find these profiles and not various equally conceivable others? Drawing both from the literature (published and unpublished) and from original fieldwork on the language Nez Perce, Amy Rose Deal puts forward several major generalizations about indexical shift crosslinguistically and present a theory that attempts to explain them. This account has (...)
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