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Amnon Eden
University of Essex
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    Singularity Hypotheses: A Scientific and Philosophical Assessment.Amnon H. Eden & James H. Moor (eds.) - 2012 - Springer.
    Singularity Hypotheses: A Scientific and Philosophical Assessment offers authoritative, jargon-free essays and critical commentaries on accelerating technological progress and the notion of technological singularity. It focuses on conjectures about the intelligence explosion, transhumanism, and whole brain emulation. Recent years have seen a plethora of forecasts about the profound, disruptive impact that is likely to result from further progress in these areas. Many commentators however doubt the scientific rigor of these forecasts, rejecting them as speculative and unfounded. We therefore invited prominent (...)
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  2. Three paradigms of computer science.Amnon H. Eden - 2007 - Minds and Machines 17 (2):135-167.
    We examine the philosophical disputes among computer scientists concerning methodological, ontological, and epistemological questions: Is computer science a branch of mathematics, an engineering discipline, or a natural science? Should knowledge about the behaviour of programs proceed deductively or empirically? Are computer programs on a par with mathematical objects, with mere data, or with mental processes? We conclude that distinct positions taken in regard to these questions emanate from distinct sets of received beliefs or paradigms within the discipline: – The rationalist (...)
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    The Philosophy of Computer Science.Raymond Turner & Amnon H. Eden - 2008 - Journal of Applied Logic 6 (4):459.
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    Problems in the ontology of computer programs.Amnon H. Eden & Raymond Turner - 2007 - Applied Ontology 2 (1):13-36.
  5. Some Philosophical Issues in Computer Science.Amnon H. Eden - 2011 - Minds and Machines 21 (2):123-133.
    The essays included in the special issue dedicated to the philosophy of computer science examine new philosophical questions that arise from reflection upon conceptual issues in computer science and the insights such an enquiry provides into ongoing philosophical debates.
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    B. jack Copeland (ed), the essential Turing.Amnon H. Eden - 2007 - Minds and Machines 17 (1):121-123.