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    Independence-friendly logic: a game-theoretic approach.Allen L. Mann - 2011 - New York: Cambridge University Press. Edited by Gabriel Sandu & Merlijn Sevenster.
    A systematic introduction suitable for readers who have little familiarity with logic. Provides numerous examples and complete proofs.
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    A Logical Analysis of Monty Hall and Sleeping Beauty.Allen L. Mann & Ville Aarnio - 2018 - Studia Logica 106 (6):1123-1162.
    Hintikka and Sandu’s independence-friendly logic is a conservative extension of first-order logic that allows one to consider semantic games with imperfect information. In the present article, we first show how several variants of the Monty Hall problem can be modeled as semantic games for IF sentences. In the process, we extend IF logic to include semantic games with chance moves and dub this extension stochastic IF logic. Finally, we use stochastic IF logic to analyze the Sleeping Beauty problem, leading to (...)
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    Lottery Semantics: A Compositional Semantics for Probabilistic First-Order Logic with Imperfect Information.Pietro Galliani & Allen L. Mann - 2013 - Studia Logica 101 (2):293-322.
    We present a compositional semantics for first-order logic with imperfect information that is equivalent to Sevenster and Sandu’s equilibrium semantics (under which the truth value of a sentence in a finite model is equal to the minimax value of its semantic game). Our semantics is a generalization of an earlier semantics developed by the first author that was based on behavioral strategies, rather than mixed strategies.
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  4. Independence-friendly logic: A game-theoretic approach. LMS Lecture Notes, vol. 386.Allen L. Mann, Gabriel Sandu & Merlijn Sevenster - 2012 - Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 18 (2):272-273.
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    Perfect IFG-Formulas.Allen L. Mann - 2008 - Logica Universalis 2 (2):265-275.
    IFG logic is a variant of the independence-friendly logic of Hintikka and Sandu. We answer the question: “Which IFG-formulas are equivalent to ordinary first-order formulas?” We use the answer to prove the ordinary cylindric set algebra over a structure can be embedded into a reduct of the IFG-cylindric set algebra over the structure.
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