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Allen Coin
North Carolina State University
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    AI in the Headlines: The Portrayal of the Ethical Issues of Artificial Intelligence in the Media.Leila Ouchchy, Allen Coin & Veljko Dubljević - 2020 - AI and Society 35 (4):927-936.
    As artificial intelligence technologies become increasingly prominent in our daily lives, media coverage of the ethical considerations of these technologies has followed suit. Since previous research has shown that media coverage can drive public discourse about novel technologies, studying how the ethical issues of AI are portrayed in the media may lead to greater insight into the potential ramifications of this public discourse, particularly with regard to development and regulation of AI. This paper expands upon previous research by systematically analyzing (...)
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    The Authenticity of Machine-Augmented Human Intelligence: Therapy, Enhancement, and the Extended Mind.Allen Coin & Veljko Dubljević - 2020 - Neuroethics 14 (2):283-290.
    Ethical analyses of biomedical human enhancement often consider the issue of authenticity — to what degree can the accomplishments of those utilizing biomedical enhancements be considered authentic or worthy of praise? As research into Brain-Computer Interface technology progresses, it may soon be feasible to create a BCI device that enhances or augments natural human intelligence through some invasive or noninvasive biomedical means. In this article we will review currently existing BCI technologies and to what extent these can be said to (...)
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    Ethical Aspects of BCI Technology: What Is the State of the Art?Allen Coin, Megan Mulder & Veljko Dubljević - 2020 - Philosophies 5 (31):31-0.
    Brain–Computer Interface technology is a promising research area in many domains. Brain activity can be interpreted through both invasive and non-invasive monitoring devices, allowing for novel, therapeutic solutions for individuals with disabilities and for other non-medical applications. However, a number of ethical issues have been identified from the use of BCI technology. In this paper, we review the academic discussion of the ethical implications of BCI technology in the last five years. We conclude that some emerging applications of BCI technology—including (...)
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    Using Algorithms to Make Ethical Judgements: METHAD Vs. The ADC Model.Allen Coin & Veljko Dubljević - 2022 - American Journal of Bioethics 22 (7):41-43.
    In their paper “Algorithms for Ethical Decision-Making in the Clinic: A Proof of Concept,” Meier et al. present the design and preliminary results of a proof-of-concept clinical ethics algor...
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