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  1. A Fiduciary Argument Against Stakeholder Theory.Alexei M. Marcoux - 2003 - Business Ethics Quarterly 13 (1):1-24.
    Critics attack normative ethical stakeholder theory for failing to recognize the special moral status of shareholders that justifiesthe fiduciary duties owed to them at law by managers. Stakeholder theorists reply that there is nothing morally significant about shareholders that can underwrite those fiduciary duties. I advance an argument that seeks to demonstrate both the special moral status of shareholders in a firm and the concomitant moral inadequacy of stakeholder theory. I argue that (i) if some relations morally requirefiduciary duties, and (...)
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    Freeman and Evan.Alexei M. Marcoux - 1999 - Business Ethics Quarterly 9 (2):207-224.
    We argue that the Rawlsian social contract argument advanced for stakeholder theory by R. Edward Freeman, writing alone and with William M. Evan, fails in three main ways. First, it is true to Rawls in neither form, nor purpose, nor the level of knowledge (or ignorance) required to motivate the veil of ignorance. Second, it fails to tailor the veil of ignorance to the fairness conditions that are required to solve the moral problem that Freeman and Evan set out to (...)
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    A Counterintuitive Argument for Résumé Embellishment.Alexei M. Marcoux - 2006 - Journal of Business Ethics 63 (2):183-194.
    Applied ethicists say little about résumé embellishment. Presumably, this is so because résumé embellishment seems obviously wrong; an instance of ordinary lying, familiar moral prohibitions against which cover the case completely. Analysis of résumé embellishment merely as ordinary lying overlooks its collective action aspects. Taking account of those aspects and their implications, I argue on consequentialist grounds that, given some plausible background conditions, a limited form of résumé embellishment is morally permissible. This outcome is a particular instantiation of a more (...)
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    The Routledge Companion to Business Ethics.Eugene Heath, Byron Kaldis & Alexei M. Marcoux (eds.) - 2018 - New York: Routledge.
    The essays included in the text explore the many facets of business ethics. In this overview of business ethics, we see its relationship to the social sciences, management practices, etc.
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    Snipers, Stalkers, and Nibblers: Online Auction Business Ethics. [REVIEW]Alexei M. Marcoux - 2003 - Journal of Business Ethics 46 (2):163 - 173.
    Spirited disagreement exists among online auction participants over the ethics of sniping: delaying one's bid until the closing seconds of an online auction. Through analysis of the structural features of online auctions and by deploying Rawls's (1955) distinction between justifying an action under a practice and justifying the practice itself, I argue that: (i) the disagreement is better conceived as one over the ethics of online auction hosting (and therefore, over business ethics) than over the ethics of online auction participation; (...)
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    Who are the Stakeholders?Alexei M. Marcoux - 1998 - Business and Professional Ethics Journal 17 (3):79-108.
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