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    Reconceptualizing Emotion Regulation.Joseph J. Campos, Eric A. Walle, Audun Dahl & Alexandra Main - 2011 - Emotion Review 3 (1):26-35.
    Emotion regulation is one of the major foci of study in the fields of emotion and emotional development. This article proposes that to properly study emotion regulation, one must consider not only an intrapersonal view of emotion, but a relational one as well. Defining properties of intrapersonal and relational approaches are spelled out, and implications drawn for how emotion regulation is conceptualized, how studies are designed, how findings are interpreted, and how generalizations are drawn. Most research to date has been (...)
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    A Relational Framework for Integrating the Study of Empathy in Children and Adults.Alexandra Main & Carmen Kho - 2019 - Emotion Review 12 (4):280-290.
    The development of empathy is central to positive social adjustment. However, issues remain with integrating empathy research conducted with children, adolescents, and adults. The current article (...
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    The Interpersonal Functions of Empathy: A Relational Perspective.Alexandra Main, Eric A. Walle, Carmen Kho & Jodi Halpern - 2017 - Emotion Review 9 (4):358-366.
    Empathy is an extensively studied construct, but operationalization of effective empathy is routinely debated in popular culture, theory, and empirical research. This article offers a process-focused approach emphasizing the relational functions of empathy in interpersonal contexts. We argue that this perspective offers advantages over more traditional conceptualizations that focus on primarily intrapsychic features. Our aim is to enrich current conceptualizations and empirical approaches to the study of empathy by drawing on psychological, philosophical, medical, linguistic, and anthropological perspectives. In doing so, (...)
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    Relational Goes Beyond Interpersonal: The Development of Empathy in the Context of Culture.Alexandra Main & Carmen Kho - 2020 - Emotion Review 12 (4):295-296.
    It is clear a relational approach to the study of empathy is gaining traction across multiple disciplines. Both commentaries on “A Relational Framework for Integrating the Study of Empathy in Child...
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    Comment: Empathy as a Flexible and Fundamentally Interpersonal Phenomenon: Comment on “Why We Should Reject the Restrictive Isomorphic Matching Definition of Empathy”.Alexandra Main - 2022 - Emotion Review 14 (3):182-184.
    I strongly agree with the criticisms of the restrictive isomorphic matching definition of empathy made by Murphy, Lilienfeld, and Algoe, and largely agree with their conceptualization of empathy as a dynamic process best defined by its function. In this commentary, I extend this argument by emphasizing the relational, interpersonal aspects of empathy. It is my view that in order to understand the functions of empathy, we must take into account not only the internal experience of the individual empathizing, but also (...)
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    Associations Between Sleep and Mental Health Among Latina Adolescent Mothers: The Role of Social Support.Shun Ting Yung, Alexandra Main, Eric A. Walle, Rose M. Scott & Yaoyu Chen - 2021 - Frontiers in Psychology 12.
    Adolescent mothers experience poorer sleep than adult mothers, and Latina adolescent mothers are at greater risk of postpartum depression compared with other racial/ethnic groups. However, social support may be protective against the negative effects of poor sleep in this population. The current study examined associations between the quality and quantity of Latina adolescent mothers’ sleep and mental health, and whether social support buffered the effects of poor sleep on mental health. A sample of Latina adolescent mothers from an agricultural region (...)
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