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    Model completeness for trivial, uncountably categorical theories of Morley rank 1.Alfred Dolich, Michael C. Laskowski & Alexander Raichev - 2006 - Archive for Mathematical Logic 45 (8):931-945.
    We show that if T is a trivial uncountably categorical theory of Morley Rank 1 then T is model complete after naming constants for a model.
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    Relative Randomness and Real Closed Fields.Alexander Raichev - 2005 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 70 (1):319 - 330.
    We show that for any real number, the class of real numbers less random than it, in the sense of rK-reducibility, forms a countable real closed subfield of the real ordered field. This generalizes the well-known fact that the computable reals form a real closed field. With the same technique we show that the class of differences of computably enumerable reals (d.c.e. reals) and the class of computably approximable reals (c.a. reals) form real closed fields. The d.c.e. result was also (...)
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