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  1. Agonal sovereignty: Rethinking war and politics with Schmitt, Arendt and Foucault.Alexander D. Barder & François Debrix - 2011 - Philosophy and Social Criticism 37 (7):775-793.
    The notion of biopolitical sovereignty and the theory of the state of exception are perspectives derived from Carl Schmitt’s thought and Michel Foucault’s writings that have been popularized by critical political theorists like Giorgio Agamben and Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri of late. This article argues that these perspectives are not sufficient analytical points of departure for a critique of the contemporary politics of terror, violence and war marked by a growing global exploitation of bodies, tightened management of life, and (...)
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    Rethinking International History, Theory and the Event with Hannah Arendt.Alexander D. Barder & David M. McCourt - 2010 - Journal of International Political Theory 6 (2):117-141.
    This paper reconsiders the event in International Relations (IR) through the writings of Hannah Arendt. The event has for too long been neglected in IR; international events are overwhelmingly conceived as mere happenings that have meaning only within the process and temporal structure of the theory from which they are understood, and as holding no or only limited meaning in and of themselves. In her work on political theory and her reflections on totalitarianism, however, Arendt elaborates a rich view of (...)
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    Antonio Negri, The Porcelain Workshop: For a New Grammar of Politics . Trans. Noura Wedell. Reviewed by.Alexander D. Barder - 2010 - Philosophy in Review 30 (2):121-123.
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    Lessons from the Grand Inquisitor: Carl Schmitt and the Providential Enemy.Alexander D. Barder - 2009 - Theory and Event 12 (3).
  5. Otfried Hoffe, Kant's Cosmopolitan Theory of Law and Peace Reviewed by.Alexander D. Barder - 2007 - Philosophy in Review 27 (4):270-272.
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    Roberto Esposito , Communitas: The Origin and Destiny of Community . Reviewed by.Alexander D. Barder - 2011 - Philosophy in Review 31 (1):29-32.