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    Compensation for Historical Emissions and Excusable Ignorance.Alexa Zellentin - 2015 - Journal of Applied Philosophy 32 (3):258-274.
    This article defends the idea of applying principles of corrective justice to the matter of climate change. In particular, it argues against the excusable ignorance objection, which holds that historical emissions produced at a time when our knowledge of climate change was insufficient ought to be removed from the equation when applying rectificatory principles to this context. In constructing my argument, I rely on a particular interpretation of rectificatory justice and outcome responsibility. I also address the individualism objection by showing (...)
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    Freedom, Equality, Minarets.Alexa Zellentin - 2014 - Res Publica 20 (1):45-63.
    This paper discusses the Swiss minaret ban as a threat to equal citizenship rather than a threat to freedom of religion. The main argument of the paper is that cultural differences can threaten the fair value of equal political participation rights as well as socio-economic ones. These differences are morally troubling despite legitimate emphasis on the need for a shared (political) culture. To ensure that the state treats its citizens as equals with regard to cultural differences requires a form of (...)
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    Religion in liberal political philosophy. Cécile Laborde and Aurélia Bardon, eds., Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017.Alexa Zellentin - 2018 - Constellations 25 (2):302-304.
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    Symposium: Intergenerational Justice and Natural Resources: Introduction.Alexa Zellentin, Pranay Sanklecha & Lukas Meyer - 2015 - Moral Philosophy and Politics 2 (1):1-5.