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Alberto Corti
Università degli Studi di Urbino
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    Yet Again, Quantum Indeterminacy is Not Worldly Indecision.Alberto Corti - 2021 - Synthese 199 (3-4):5623-5643.
    It has been argued that non-relativistic quantum mechanics is the best hunting ground for genuine examples of metaphysical indeterminacy. Approaches to metaphysical indeterminacy can be divided into two families: meta-level and object-level accounts. It has been shown :27–245, 2010. https://doi.org/10.1080/00048400903097786; Skow in Philosophical Quarterly 60:851–858, 2010) that the most popular version of the meta-level accounts, namely the metaphysical supervaluationism proposed by Barnes and Williams, fails to deal with quantum indeterminacy. Such a fact has been taken by many as a challenge (...)
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    How Many Properties of Spin Does a Particle Have?Alberto Corti & Marco Sanchioni - forthcoming - Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A.
    A common assumption in non-relativistic quantum mechanics is that self-adjoint operators mathematically represent properties of quantum systems. Focusing on spin, we argue that a natural view considers observables as determinable properties and their eigenvalues as their corresponding determinates. We provide a taxonomy of the different views that one can hold, once it is accepted that spin can be modelled with the determinable-determinate relation. In particular, we present the two main families of views, dubbed Spin Monism and Pluralism, and we show (...)
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    On entanglement as a relation.Enrico Cinti, Alberto Corti & Marco Sanchioni - 2022 - European Journal for Philosophy of Science 12 (1):1-29.
    This paper aims to characterise properly entanglement as an external relation obtaining between multiple quantum degrees of freedom. In particular, we argue that the entanglement relation is a unique relation fully characterised by mutual information, i.e. a quantity standardly used as a measure of entanglement. This analysis leads us to propose a new metaphysical account of entanglement, which we call Relational Entanglement Tesseract. Such an account characterises entanglement for both bipartite and multipartite cases, and, at the same time, it satisfies (...)
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    Scientific Realism Without Reality? What Happens When Metaphysics is Left Out.Alberto Corti - forthcoming - Foundations of Science:1-21.
    Scientific realism is usually presented as if metaphysical realism were one of its essential parts. This paper aims to examine how weak the metaphysical commitments endorsed by scientific realists could be. I will argue that scientific realism could be stated without accepting any form of metaphysical realism. Such a conclusion does not go as far as to try to combine scientific realism with metaphysical antirealism. Instead, it amounts to the combination of the former with a weaker view, called quietism, which (...)
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