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    Values Education and the Right to Privacy.Alan L. Lockwood - 1977 - Journal of Moral Education 7 (1):9-26.
    Abstract Values education is occasionally attacked as violative of the privacy rights of students and others. Stipulating a definition of the right to privacy, the author develops some general reasons for protecting the right to privacy. General criteria for judging the extent to which values education curricula violate privacy are established and applied to two approaches to values education. One conclusion is that not all approaches to values education should be seen as violative of privacy rights.
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    Stage of Moral Development and Students' Reasoning on Public Policy Issues.Alan L. Lockwood - 1975 - Journal of Moral Education 5 (1):51-61.
    Abstract: A distinction is drawn between public policy issues which are specific to time and place, and the kind of moral dilemma used by Kohlberg which is more general and universal. It is hypothesized that the same type of reasoning will be revealed by both. To test this a sample of sixty subjects at two different ages from both a predominantly middle class school and a predominantly lower class school were given three public policy dilemmas and three moral dilemmas. Responses (...)
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    Book Review Section 1. [REVIEW]Everett U. Crosby, Kathleen Densmore, Alan L. Lockwood, Robert L. Crowson, George H. Wood, Roger W. Wescombe, Edward H. Berman, Eric H. Beversluis & Edward Haertel - 1986 - Educational Studies 17 (2):211-260.
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