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    What Are Memories For? The Hippocampus Bridges Past Experience with Future Decisions.Natalie Biderman, Akram Bakkour & Daphna Shohamy - 2020 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 24 (7):542-556.
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    Mechanisms of Choice Behavior Shift Using Cue-Approach Training.Akram Bakkour, Christina Leuker, Ashleigh M. Hover, Nathan Giles, Russell A. Poldrack & Tom Schonberg - 2016 - Frontiers in Psychology 7.
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    Food Folio by Columbia Center for Eating Disorders: A Freely Available Food Image Database.E. Caitlin Lloyd, Zarrar Shehzad, Janet Schebendach, Akram Bakkour, Alice M. Xue, Naomi Folasade Assaf, Rayman Jilani, B. Timothy Walsh, Joanna Steinglass & Karin Foerde - 2020 - Frontiers in Psychology 11.
    Food images are useful stimuli for the study of cognitive processes as well as eating behavior. To enhance rigor and reproducibility in task-based research, it is advantageous to have stimulus sets that are publicly available and well characterized. Food Folio by Columbia Center for Eating Disorders is a publicly available set of 138 images of Western food items. The set was developed for the study of eating disorders, particularly for use in tasks that capture eating behavior characteristic of these illnesses. (...)
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