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    Heidegger on the Notion of Dasein as Habited Body.Akoijam Thoibisana - 2008 - Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology 8 (2):1-5.
    Heidegger is often attacked for his failure to offer a thematic account of the body in his Being and Time (Aho, 2005). The general misunderstanding of Heidegger’s negation of body arises from the different meanings associated with the term ‘body’. Body can be understood from two perspectives: body in terms of corpse and body in terms of lived-body. Doctors study body as corpse or object because that is required in their training and education. Heidegger’s Being in his Being and Time (...)
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    How (did) Derrida Deconstruct Marx?Akoijam Thoibisana - 2022 - Journal of the Indian Council of Philosophical Research 39 (3):309-323.
    Derrida’s deconstruction of Marx was a hegemonic reading of Marx that he always wanted to do but in his own way. Derrida is often quoted saying that “I meant to read Marx my way when the time came.” And when communism fell, in the ruins of Marxism, on the grave of Marxist–Leninist–Stalinism, the time had finally come for Derrida to read Marx, his way, or rather deconstruct Marx, his way. Derrida’s deconstruction of Marx calls for a new reading of Marx. (...)
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